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Coconut Lime Scented drawer Liners

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Coconut Lime Scented drawer Liners

Keep the clothes stored in drawers or on closet shelves smelling fresh with scented liners featuring colorful and charming prints.

Delicious, Refreshing and Crisp. Introducing our Coconut and Lime scent Drawer Liner. Lovely Lime Green Box with Ribbon Tie.

Wonderful Fresh Lemon Zest and Sparkling Lime, Middle Notes of Lily Blossom and Muguet Accord, with Fresh Based Notes of Creamy Coconut, Silky Musk and Sheer Vanilla Accents.

Each box contains 6 Sheets, Size: 16.5″ X 22″

Perfect Scent recommended for the Kitchen, Lemon Possesses a Disinfectant Effect.

Scented drawer liners keep clothes smelling fresh and help avoid musty odors, as well they keep shelves looking neat and pretty. Only the finest quality papers and perfume oils are used in manufacturing these products. Generous amounts of fragrances are applied on the paper for a long lasting scent and value in your purchase. The drawer liners are packaged in attractive boxes making them perfect gifts for all occasions.

The drawer liners are packaged in attractive boxes making them perfect gifts for all occasions. And here are some other tips on making the best use of scented drawer liners:

  • Use in shoe boxes and even stinky shoes!
  • In you sock drawer.
  • With your lingerie and scarves.
  • When storing winter clothing.
  • Inside your coat closet.
  • In hiking gear or camping supplies.
  • In your handbags.
  • When travelling slip a card under pillows for a fresh scent.
  • In between towels and sheets and pillowcases in your linen closet
  • Under sofa cushions.
  • Under car seats and mats.
  • Create scented bookmarks or cut and use in arts and crafts projects.
  • At the bottom of gift baskets or bags.
  • In your office work space
  • Under your mouse pad or keyboard.

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