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Yes I Can Play Piano – I Can Count To 7

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Yes I Can Play Piano

When do you say, “Yes I can play piano?”

Can you Count to 7? Then you CAN play the piano?
Join Aldolfo in his adventures in the Magical, Mystical, Musical Forest. Why does Aldolfo only want friends with 7 letters? What does Aldolfo learn in this magical forest?

Ever interested in learning a little about the musical language? This first book in the series can help with that, or just listen and watch the story just to learn about this peculiar little boy named Aldolfo who is obsessed with the number 7. All of his friends need to have 7 letters in their name to make it on his best-est wall.

Teachers have found this book a great benefit in their classrooms as an introduction to the musical language.
“Every note has a home and only if it learns to share its tone, can a melody be known.”

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